Leaders are hired first & made later.

A competent team is the outcome of smarter selection.

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01 - Turning goals into reality

As your manpower solution providers, we put in our best efforts in ensuring your goals are transformed into reality.

02 - Harnessing Creativity

We inspire creativity among our team that enhances the quality of selection process thereby assuring quality of candidates shortlisted.

03 - Keeping it simple

Eventually, our action plan, the process and everything that we deliver to you is so simple that it is easily understood and executed by the team of our clients.

Quality team is never an accident.

At Point Apogee we focus on creating a culture that promotes intellectual growth and teamwork.
Nabeel Lughmani
Founder & CEO

Right person for the right job.

At Point Apogee, the right person is recruited for the right job, to maximize productivity of our clients.

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